Legend has it, one of the most important cultural finds of our time was happened upon by one fortunate goatherd, Kaldi, and his tribe of Lucky Goats. The story of Kaldiā€™s Goats who dined upon the mysterious red berries of the Ethiopian Highlands and began to dance with delight would eventually be recognized as the origin of Coffee.


Lucky Goat Coffee is a Tallahassee- based roastery, tasting room, and distribution company serving clients nationally. Our passion is to highlight single origin coffees from unique growing regions with an emphasis on Micro-Lots and distinctive flavor profiles. Our devotion is to explore innovative processing methods while focusing on the characteristics of each coffee we roast.


We possess the knowledge to unlock the potential of coffee through detailed preparation techniques, while also taking the time to share our knowledge and educate proper brewing methods to maximize the experience of coffee.

A teaser for the first in a series of videos on ways to make great coffee. #syphon #coffee

Posted by Lucky Goat Coffee on Friday, April 4, 2014

Come watch Colin and Dustin compete to be the Tallahassee Latte Art Champ tomorrow at Catalina Cafe at 7:30pm!

Posted by Lucky Goat Coffee on Thursday, September 11, 2014