Joe Davis


The man, the myth, the roastmaster. Though getting Joe to talk about himself is nearly impossible, his passion for and extensive knowledge about coffee is evident when he gets on the topic of roasting. He’s in charge of every bean that passes through our stores, and he was instrumental in developing our proprietary roasting software.

With the intuitive knowledge of coffee he demonstrates daily, it’s no surprise that Joe grew up surrounded by it. His family owned a small café and wholesale operation; his refined palate is the result of 14 years’ experience. Joe has been a part of the Lucky Goat team since day one, when he operated our first roaster in the back of a warehouse in 2010.

Today, you can find Joe behind the scenes, experimenting with our latest batch of beans to enhance their inherent flavor. With headphones plugged in, he’s in his element.

  • Hobby: Building stuff
  • How I take my coffee: Black
  • Favorite coffee: Can't choose just one
  • Average number of cups consumed: Four a day