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The Lucky Goat Cold Brew Bus

In the summer of 2017, the Lucky Goat Cold Brew Bus took to the streets of Tallahassee in pursuit of the perfect mobile café. Since then, we’ve visited offices, parks, schools and have even been in…
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Four Locations, One Lucky Goat

As you adventure around the Capital city, you’ll find a number of our cafés around town. Every location has a unique personality and skill set. Which ever you choose, we’ve got you covered—or s…
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The Roasting Process

As ever, we’re charmed you’ve decided to spend a little time with us today. Once you’ve found your seat and your favorite warm beverage, we’ll start! Making coffee beans taste delightful can b…
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Production Team Spotlight

Have you ever wondered what goes into producing the rows and rows of coffee bags that line each of our cafes? It’s all thanks to our amazing Production Team, our very own behind the scenes coffee el…
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Fair Trade and Ethical Sourcing

While your morning cup’s contents might not percolate up to your everyday conversations, they do sit heavy on the thoughts of Coffee Farmers, Importers, and Roasters. For us, the origin of each coff…
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Meet the Probat G60

When you grow out of your favorite pair of shoes, you’re left with two options. You can either one, keep wearing them and force your feet to stay the same size forever, or two, get a new pair. And i…
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Our Recycling Program

In an attempt to be more in tune with mother nature, we’ve been taking some notes on how she operates. Since coffee is the seed of a fruit of a plant, we figured it would do us well to contribute as…
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Aeropress Brewing Guide

Crafty, portable, and crazy-unique, the AeroPress is becoming an increasingly popular method to brew sweet and full-bodied coffee. It particularly shines when you don’t necessarily have the means to…
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Coffee Processing – The Ins and Outs

Think of a cherry. Now think of a cup of coffee. What if we told you those were the same thing? Well, we’d definitely be lying to you. Maybe not entirely though… The coming-of-age for a cup of cof…
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