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Meet the Probat G60

When you grow out of your favorite pair of shoes, you’re left with two options. You can either one, keep wearing them and force your feet to stay the same size forever, or two, get a new pair. And i…
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Lead Barista Feature

You’ve just woken up and it won’t be long ‘til the front door begs your departure. Things to remember: phone, keys, wallet—you’re good to go—that is, until you’re three blocks out and yo…
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Our Recycling Program

In an attempt to be more in tune with mother nature, we’ve been taking some notes on how she operates. Since coffee is the seed of a fruit of a plant, we figured it would do us well to contribute as…
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Aeropress Brewing Guide

Crafty, portable, and crazy-unique, the AeroPress is becoming an increasingly popular method to brew sweet and full-bodied coffee. It particularly shines when you don’t necessarily have the means to…
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Our Manager Medley

It’s hard to imagine what our company would be like without our employees, and our managers have especially earned that place in our hearts. Since we take that sentiment so seriously, it only seemed…
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Coffee Processing – The Ins and Outs

Think of a cherry. Now think of a cup of coffee. What if we told you those were the same thing? Well, we’d definitely be lying to you. Maybe not entirely though… The coming-of-age for a cup of cof…
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Coffee Education at the Goat

At Lucky Goat, education is one of our top priorities. Whether you’re a café looking to train a fresh assortment of fellows, or you’re a capable coffee connoisseur looking to improve your morning…
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Single Origin: Ethiopia

It seems right to start the conversation with the Ethiopian, because in many ways, so did the rest of the world. For a period of time, a coffee-less world sat quietly and watched as an Ethiopian farme…
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Four Locations, One Lucky Goat

As you adventure around the Capital city, you’ll find a number of our cafés around town. Every location has a unique personality and skill set. Which ever you choose, we’ve got you covered—or s…
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