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Aeropress Brewing Guide

Crafty, portable, and crazy-unique, the AeroPress is becoming an increasingly popular method to brew sweet and full-bodied coffee. It particularly shines when you don’t necessarily have the means to…
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Coffee Processing – The Ins and Outs

Think of a cherry. Now think of a cup of coffee. What if we told you those were the same thing? Well, we’d definitely be lying to you. Maybe not entirely though… The coming-of-age for a cup of cof…
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Coffee Education at the Goat

At Lucky Goat, education is one of our top priorities. Whether you’re a café looking to train a fresh assortment of fellows, or you’re a capable coffee connoisseur looking to improve your morning…
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Single Origin: Ethiopia

It seems right to start the conversation with the Ethiopian, because in many ways, so did the rest of the world. For a period of time, a coffee-less world sat quietly and watched as an Ethiopian farme…
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Serving Cold Brew from warm hearts

It’s hard to not talk about the things you love. We recently sat down with a few baristas to chat about the things that excite us– things that steal us from our busy schedules to sit by comfy …
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