Looking for a new way to pack more of a punch into your daily cup of coffee? Our new Cold Brew Grinds collection was created with you in mind. We crafted three coffees which range in flavor profile from light and smooth (Sunrise Brew) to chocolatey and sweet (Goat Tracks) to complex and spicy (Roaster’s Choice). 

Brewing at home became a necessity during the pandemic, with people wanting their favorite coffees but not having a safe way to get them. Enter Cold Brew. The simple brew process allowed for at-home “baristas” to achieve the perfect, refreshing cup. Setting up the process before you go to bed and waking up to a nice, strong cup over ice in the morning proved to pay off. The ability to brew in larger batches also proved strong, allowing coffee fanatics to wake up to multiple cups ready and stable for a few days. 

Because Cold Brew is continuously growing in popularity and gives everyone the opportunity to become a barista, we decided to have it specifically crafted for you.  


Cold Brew Grinds


Below are our three flagship Cold Brew Grinds coffees:  

Sunrise Brew 
Wake up your luck (and tastebuds) with our morning blend Cold Brew coffee. This light bodied, smooth cup is a two-bean blend of Central and South American coffees. Once you’re sipping, you may also notice subtle notes of chocolate and nuts. 

Roaster’s Choice 
The name says it all. This complex blend of coffee beans from across the world is one of our Roaster’s favorites. When brewed for Cold Brew, you’ll notice flavor notes of chocolate paired with a citrus acidity. This is the perfect coffee if you’re looking for a full-bodied cup. 

Goat Tracks
This is the same coffee that you already know and love. The dynamic duo of chocolate and caramel pair perfectly chilled. Some would even say that this is our best flavored coffee. 

Now that you have some knowledge of our Cold Brew Grind Coffees, let’s dive even deeper into what makes Cold Brew so special: 


So What Exactly Is Cold Brew? 

Great question! While Cold Brew is a beverage that you've seen explode in popularity and have numerous variations on menus in every coffee shop, it’s actually a brewing method in which coffee grounds are extracted at room temperature. Cold Brew is a refreshing, bold take on the coffee you already know and love – just brewed in a new, versatile way. The result of brewing this way creates a beverage that can hold its flavor and freshness for a longer period of time than a traditional hot cup o’ joe. 

Benefits of Cold Brew: 

  • It can be made in larger batches, something quite useful to keep in your fridge for an on-the-go pick me up. 
  • Versatility! Have it any way you like –over ice, with milk, a splash of vanilla, or simply on its own. 
  • Longer shelf life. Don’t have time to wait for your drip coffee? Running late? A pre-brewed batch of Cold Brew can last for 3 days in the fridge. Simply pour into your favorite to-go cup and head out the door. 
  • Its bold, strong punch packs a ton of flavor without fear of being watered down by your favorite add-ins. 

 Cold Brew Grinds Brew Method

Brewing Method Guide: 

Our favorite way to brew Cold Brew at home is simple and easy. 

  1. Mix coarse, ground coffee with room temperature water in a mason jar and steep for 16-18 hours. We recommend starting with a ratio of 1 cup of grinds to 3 cups of water. 
  1. Strain your Cold Brew through a cheesecloth or a coffee filter-lined mesh strainer. 
  1. Pour over ice and enjoy – add a splash of water or cream if needed! 

Educator Tips for the best brewing experience! 

  • Always use filtered water. Fun fact: Your coffee is 98% water. So, using water that tastes good will make your coffee taste much better. 
  • Steep at room temperature for the best extraction. Keep Cold Brew refrigerated after straining out the grounds. 
  • Make sure to stir the grinds so that they are all equally saturated before leaving them to steep. 
  • For an extra easy setup, use a French press. Let it steep in the brewer and simply press the plunger when it’s ready! 

Stay caffeinated!

Until next time,
Lucky Goat Coffee

September 22, 2022