Ben Pautsch

Owner of Lucky Goat Coffee

After 15 years’ experience in coffee distribution, this FSU alum moved back to Tallahassee to start what would grow into the Lucky Goat we know today. Since 2010, it’s been his job and his hobby: Ben’s passion is seeing people learn and grow within the dynamic coffee industry.

His day-to-day responsibilities include helping people get into the coffee business, and coming up with the “crazy ideas” that keep Lucky Goat on the leading edge — from putting cold brew in a kegerator to buying a bus for a mobile café.

When he’s not working, Ben spends much of his time with his wife and three children, preferably relaxing somewhere with a lakefront view.

  • Favorite coffee:

    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

  • How I take my coffee:


  • Average number of cups consumed:

    2.3 per day

  • Coffee confession:

    I like Snowflake Crunch.