Gianna Fontenot

Wholesale Customer Service Representative

This Tallahassee native has been in love with Lucky Goat Coffee since she started studying at the cafes in college. Gianna's coffee obsession started at a young age when her and her best friend would sneak coffee from their parents adding a a ton of cream and sugar for a sweet energy jolt. We guess you could say she has coffee coursing through her veins. Her ability to laugh at anything while curating relationships with customers is what makes her the perfect fit as our Wholesale Customer Service Representative.

When she is not at work, you can find her jamming out to any 90s hip hop song while practicing her break dance moves sipping on a sweet coffee drink.

  • How I Take My Coffee:

    Little cream, little sugar

  • Thoughts On Coffee:

    Coffee is good for the soul and gives the world a little hope.

  • Person You Would Most Like To Have Coffee With:

    Meryl Streep

  • Hobbies

    Mountain biking, shopping, hanging out with younger siblings, and eating good food