Joel Pollock

Warehouse Supervisor

You honestly may never see him, unless you run into him while he’s ordering his morning quad shot latte before heading into work at our wholesale warehouse, but Joel is one of those well-oiled gears that keeps Lucky Goat running smoothly. He oversees all outgoing wholesale orders, both in town and all over the southeast region, while also keeping the massive warehouse clean and organized. It’s a huge job, but Joel loves it. He also loves working with others who are as passionate about coffee and the local area as this Tallahassee native.

Outside of work, he has no shortage of hobbies to bide his time. Collecting pocket-knives, smoking cigars, trail running, archery, travelling, exercising, skateboarding, and skimboarding are just us naming a few. He loves to spend his time with his wife, Milagros, and their four kids.

  • Thoughts on coffee:

    Yes, Please.

  • Hidden talent:

    I can throw playing cards very far.

  • Coffee confession:

    Death before decaf.

  • Motivated by:

    My faith and my love for my family.