Midtown General Manager

Kayla Essary

Joining LG in 2024, Kayla embarked on this journey with a mission to grow professionally within a local company. Kayla found her entry into the coffee business through serendipity. Nestled next to a Lucky Goat café in her previous role, she developed a fondness for the aromatic brew and the captivating atmosphere of the café.

Now, as part of the LG team,  she ensures that each day is filled with energizing tasks aimed at empowering their team to excel. Her responsibilities include fostering a culture of excellence, providing necessary resources, and ensuring every customer experiences the warmth and hospitality that LG is known for.

Beyond the café, Kayla finds solace and enjoyment in fishing, working out, and indulging in their culinary skills. When not at work, you'll likely find her immersed in a game of League of Legends, her preferred pastime. As Kayla continues to make her mark at Lucky Goat, she embodies the spirit of passion, dedication, and a commitment to creating unforgettable experiences, one cup at a time.

How do you take your coffee:

Extra Sweet

Hidden Talent:

I’m pretty good at rowing! 

Person You Would Like To Have Coffee With:

Anthony Bourdain

Theme Song:

Feel Good – Gorillaz