Special Events

Let us bring the coffee to you.

Remember the thrill of the ice cream truck as a kid? Picture that feeling, but now you’re all grown up and rolling down the street is a 28-foot bus filled with locally-roasted, craft coffee. That’s right- it’s real.

Our Cold Brew Bus took to the streets in the Fall of 2017 and has a steady stream of joy and caffeine in its wake. With six Cold Brew taps, a batch brewer, a beautiful wooden bar and full awning- our beloved bus truly encompasses our cafes that you know and hold dear- just with a few added wheels.

Whether you’re planning a company party, a concert, a charitable event, or a reunion with loved ones- we’d love to speak with you about renting our bus. We have endless amounts of coffee and charisma that are sure to add to the party.

Note: our Cold Brew bus is grounded until early 2021 due to COVID precautions.