Costa Rica, Finca El Fuerte

Delicious sweet dried berry with a red-grape tartness and medium body.

We’ve roasted this coffee to highlight those sweet and fruity flavors which are characteristics of natural Costa Rican coffees. Our profile presents a delicious dried berry sweetness with a red-grape tartness, all wrapped in a smooth medium body.

Central America

Finca El Fuerte, Sabanilla de Alajuela, Central Valley, Costa Rica

It’s the product of a father-son farm from Costa Rica founded in 2011, which only sends off naturally processed coffees. Their coffee is known for a delicate acidity, articulate sweetness, and complex flavor despite their natural processing. One of the many sought-after secrets of the Don Sabino micromill is perhaps how close they keep production to their personal lives—literally. Luis Arocha (a green-coffee buyer) says they often store their harvested coffee in their home, which allows for better quality control.

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