Sumatra Harimau, Tiger

Deep body with notes of sugarcane and cocoa.

This Sumatra offering has a sweet, smooth mouthfeel with a smoky, peppery body.


North Sumatra, Sumatra

This Sumatran offering from Cafe Imports was sourced for its smooth mouthfeel with sugar cane sweetness, cedar, and buttermilk flavors that sit behind it’s peppery, smoky body. Harimau Tiger captures the classic characteristics of a Sumatran coffee while also offering a sweet, cleaner profile and higher cup quality than a traditional Mandheling. Japanese interest in Sumatran coffees led to the introduction of the Wet-Hulled process, a unique style of handling and drying that is largely responsible for Sumatran coffees’ unmistakable flavor characteristics which are aptly shown through our Roastmaster’s efforts. This coffee was dry-processed and then hand sorted for both quality and necessity. Sumatran coffee is often dried on dirt beds and hand sorting removes any debris that naturally finds its way to the coffee beds.

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