Tsubame Kalita Stainless Steel Wave Dripper

A limited edition brewer.



  • Stainless Steel
  • Uses the Kalita 185 Filters
  • Yields between 16 and 26 oz. of brewed coffee


This limited edition Kalita dripper was crafted by the famed metalworkers of the Tsubame-shi region of Japan. Engraved with the “Made in Tsubame” mark along the base, this mark is only given to products that fulfill the conditions set by the Tsubame Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

One of our favorites, the Kalita stands as a simple alternative to your usual brew method. Its flat-bottom geometry and three-hole design provide an even and easy extraction, making this one of the simplest ways to brew delicious coffee. Additionally, its bottom lip provides versatile placement potential, so whether you plan to share or brew just for you, the Kalita can be placed directly over your cup or on top of a reservoir for everyone to enjoy!