Costa Rica Perla Negra

Costa Rica Perla Negra

Citrus fruit balanced with caramel and toffee.


The perfect partner to kick start any morning! Our profile presents flavors of sweet lemon citrus balanced with caramel and toffee. 


Costa Rica

This coffee is grown in the Costa Rica known worldwide as a leader in the production of excellent coffee. The Perla Negra Natural Process is a unique and innovative method of green coffee production developed by the Las Lajas Micromill. Without removing the fruit, coffee cherries are dried directly in the sun under constant rotation for 10 days, then transferred to bags for 2-3 days, and finally moved to raised beds to complete the drying process. Once roasted and cupped here at Lucky Goat Coffee, we noticed a well-rounded and balanced cup, with notes of lemon, toffee, and cinnamon, and a caramel aroma.

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