Brian McMullen

Production Manager

Our resident Stance sock collector, trombone consultant, and…oh, Production Supervisor, Brian. Brian spent his past-life as a chef for a number of local restaurants and catering companies around town, until he joined our team in October of 2018, all from one little suggestion. His girlfriend, who Brian admits he loves to cook for, mentioned the job to him. Bada bing bada boom, he’s now managing our production—responsible for aspects such as packaging, shipping, and general workflow. His favorite part of the job is the team he gets to work with—mustering motivation from watching their seemingly contagious passion. When he’s not tossing beans into bags, “Bubba” (as he’s called in some circles), is hiking with his Beagle, playing basketball, or practicing one of the dozen instruments he’s familiar with. He spends the rest of his away-time cooking new meals with his girlfriend while sipping El Salvador and dreaming of the day James Harden will join him.

  • Average number of cups consumed: 1-2 cups a day
  • Hidden talent: I know how to play the trombone
  • How I take my coffee: Strong, sweet and creamy.
  • Favorite coffee: El Salvador