Cassidy Shaw

Assistant Marketing Manager

Imagine a Saturday morning where the couch cushion cradles your stay and quiet sunbeams break apart any floating window-dust, meanwhile, your favorite mug finds a place for your palms. Sometimes you learn to love coffee for the warmth it brings when you’re quiet and alone, or loud and accompanied. Coffee has always been a way of life for this Goat, Cassidy Shaw.

Starting at Lucky Goat in the summer of 2018, her daily responsibilities extend to things like social media, marketing, retail design, and anything else that requires a creative cranium. This FSU graduate has experience in communications, creative writing, and graphic design—making her the perfect fit for the job.

When she’s not demanding an oat milk cappuccino from her favorite barista, she’s singing, watching scary movies, listening to Jimmy Eat World, and demanding an oat milk cappuccino from her second favorite barista. Say hi the next time you see her stopping by one of our cafes!

  • Average number of cups consumed: I start out at 2 a day
  • I am motivated by: Good music and passionate people
  • Favorite coffee: Black Gold
  • Fun fact: I sing all the time, sometimes even in conversations