Christie Turner

District Manager

From Jax and back, then back again, Christie has settled into her role as our District Manager. She graduated from FSU and quickly jumped into the retail and management world. After some coffee and contemplation, she reached out to us in 2016 about a job. Only a few days later Christie was hired as our newest barista, saying sayonara to sunglass shops and mall management—not looking back a bit. Her responsibilities at Lucky Goat Coffee cover an array of tasks, like overseeing our cafés, supporting our staff, and keeping things running at all costs. Christie stands as a refreshing reminder of what it means to show your work (and staff) passion, dedication, and commitment on a daily basis. When she’s not spraying our baristas with a fire extinguisher, she’s assuming the role of Mother. Christie and her husband Justin are the loving parents of what critics have described as the worlds cutest baby, Oliver—or, “Ollie” if you let him chew on your iPhone… And when she’s not carrying around her anthropomorphic sunshine, she’s walking her two dogs (Lucy and Gambit), traveling, and cooking—maybe with a bit of Malbec along the way.

  • How I take my coffee: Cream and sugar, yes I’m one of those
  • Hidden talent: If I told you, it wouldn't be hidden
  • Coffee confession: When I was pregnant I could only drink our Roastmasters blend
  • Moment I knew I loved coffee: There wasn’t just one moment, mostly because my dad let me start drinking coffee at a very young age