Graham Snuggs

Special Events Coordinator

Meet our bona fide Brew Bus Bandit who’s more often than not, barreling down Tallahassee backroads at a brisk 15 mph to the tune of Bank Account by 21 Savage. “Big G” (as he’s known by some) is our Cold Brew Bus Master whose main job is to caffeinate the Tallahassee coffee community on-the-go.

Graham started at Lucky Goat Coffee in 2016 as a Barista, but with a bit of charisma and caffeine, he quickly climbed to the top of our community outreach effort. Before coffee, Graham led various mission trips and made a variety of sandwiches at a local café. He fell in love with coffee after a couple cortados (from yours truly) and one coffee documentary. When he’s not behind the wheel of our Brew Bus, this professional napper is playing guitar, biking, or cooking for his better half. Graham is a charm, a gem, and our most splendid comic relief—more recently however, a father to a bonny baby boy. So if you happen to catch him day-dreaming of coffee with ASAP Ferg, wish him all your “wow”s and the most wonderful of luck.

  • How you take your coffee: Cold with nothing in it. Hot with nothing in it.
  • Known for: Being loving toward all
  • Average number of cups consumed per day/week: 2 a day/14 a week
  • Coffee confession: I used to drink 2 oz of caramel macchiato creamer with 3 splendas and the brew was through a Keurig