Josie Follick

Bannerman Cafe Leader

They poured the fresh-brewed Kenyan coffee into warm mugs and held them close as Josie’s roommate shared her love of working in the coffee business and the friendships made because of it. This was the moment, shared over a cup of joe, that Josie realized she loved coffee and wanted to continue being a part of it for as long as possible.

After working in coffee for almost six years, she applied to Lucky Goat in the hopes to hone her craft and learn everything there is to know about coffee. Now the Café Leader at our Bannerman location, Josie loves being able to connect with customers and coworkers every day over one of her favorite topics – coffee!

On the off chance she’s not pouring another cup of coffee for herself or someone else, she’s probably knitting a scarf, baking a batch of cookies, sewing costumes for local theatres, reading, or knitting the same scarf no matter how long it takes.

  • Favorite coffee: Any African-origin coffee.
  • Your theme song: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da by The Beatles
  • Coffee confession: I will occasionally drink tea. Shh. Don’t tell coffee.
  • Known for: Using “old timey” phrases like; ‘getting your goat,’ or ‘that’s bananas,’ or ‘the whole kit and caboodle,’ and thinking it’s normal.