Lindsey Sheets

Vice President of Administration

From hiring to brand management, if you have a Lucky Goat question, Lindsey likely has the answer. Her eye for product selection and presentation made her a shoo-in for our Brand Manager. But as our flagship location grew, Lucky Goat was in need of a herder to keep everything in check. Now Lindsey does a little of everything, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

A Jacksonville native, Lindsey left Tallahassee after graduating from Florida State to pursue a career in merchandising. She was transferred back by chance, and now can’t imagine calling anywhere else home.

In her free time, Lindsey enjoys DIY projects in her home and spending time with her husband, Daniel, their dog, Ella, and her little girl, Charlie.

  • Favorite coffee: An iced African Nectar tea
  • Person I'd most like to have coffee with: Julie Andrews
  • Known for: Always wearing heels
  • Motivated by: My team. The passion for delivering the best product possible is truly infectious.