Traylor Roberts

Lucky Goat Educator

Jack of all trades and fried chicken junkie—meet Traylor Roberts. He’s known for doing a little bit of everything around here, like coordinating coffee classes, managing special events, and keeping coffee quality consistent in all of our cafés. He was first introduced to specialty coffee a few years back by one of our old goats and a piping hot cup of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe—he hasn’t looked back ever since. He drinks his pour-overs black, his espresso straight, and the occasional Tallyccino on a cheat day. Before starting at Lucky Goat in 2016, Traylor was a student, private investigator’s administrative assistant, and world traveler—coordinating musical entertainment in Japan. When he’s not juggling his various coffee hats, he’s producing music, rock climbing, and riding a 1984 Honda Nighthawk 750 to the tune of Hold On Loosely by 38 Special.

  • Coffee Confession: I truly enjoy a Tallyccino
  • Hidden Talent: Juggling three items of similar weight and size
  • Known for: My love of hot chicken!
  • Favorite Coffee: Espresso