Zach Dills

Vice President of Operations

If it’s behind the scenes, Zach is most likely in charge of it. From production, to distribution, to service, he oversees all Lucky Goat operations: anything that makes Lucky Goat tick. He loves to see a process go from start to finish and that’s exactly what he does here.

Originally from Georgia, Zach was actually living in Birmingham, AL before moving to Tallahassee with his wife, Taylor. When moving here and looking for a job, he stumbled on Lucky Goat and coming from the beverage industry it seemed like a natural fit!

When he’s not at work, you can find Zach spending time with his wife or making time to travel. He also loves watching football, hunting, and fishing in his off time.

  • Fun fact: I got in trouble in the military when I first joined for smiling too much.
  • Person you would most like to have coffee with: My Grandfather, he passed away a few years ago and he loved coffee more then anything.
  • Coffee confession: I didn’t start drinking coffee till I was 24!
  • Known for: Always being a glass half full person