With Thanksgiving a thing of the past, and holiday sales rolling in, it is officially time to welcome in some cheerful spirit. If you’ve been into our cafes recently, you will know that we’ve been celebrating since early November. As the clock counts down to the gift-giving season, we thought it was the perfect time for a gift guide for your favorite coffee lover.   

Let’s Start with The Obvious: Coffee!  

We love bringing a bag of coffee home for the holidays and brewing up something special on Christmas morning. Check our suggestions below for the perfect pot for your friends and family:  

  1. For your flavored fanatics, Snowflake Crunch is a must. It’s a classic holiday favorite for a reason! Vanilla, hazelnut, and cinnamon flavored coffee is sure to warm everyone up. 
  1. For a classic bunch of coffee drinkers, we suggest Christmas Blend. This medium-dark coffee is specially blended for balance and a smooth body. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser! 
  1. For a family full of coffee connoisseurs, brew up something special: our Ethiopia Wush Wush. With tasting notes of strawberry ice cream, white sangria, and nougat, this award-winning coffee deserves a place in your cup on a special occasion.  

If you are giving beans as a gift to a coffee lover, try one of our single origins. These unique coffees often sit at a slightly higher price point, making them the perfect gift for someone who might be nervous to try something new.  

If you are looking for a present for someone you don’t know much about, our Lucky Trio Coffee Sampler is the perfect exploratory package. Included are three-ounce bags of three different types of coffee—one flavored, one single origin, and one blend. Your gift recipient will get to narrow down what coffee they like and have fun exploring new things.   


Equipment Upgrades 

This is our coffee educator’s favorite gift to receive—a long awaited update to home-brewing equipment. Good equipment can become expensive, but with a higher price tag comes more consistently delicious coffee. It’s well worth it to invest in something your loved one will get to use each and every morning!   

The type of grinder you use has a huge impact on the quality of your coffee. A high-quality burr grinder will help with an even extraction of the grinds, and keeping coffee fresh by being able to grind it right before you plan to brew it. Check out the Baratza Encore Grinder to replace an inexpensive and low-quality blade grinder.  

Controlling temperature and having a pour spout with targeted pouring is really important to a good quality pour over. We recommend swapping a stove top kettle with the Fellow Electric Stagg Kettle—a variable temperature gooseneck kettle that holds temperatures for the duration of your pourover. 


Tea Gifts 

Do you have friends and family that like Lucky Goat but aren’t the biggest coffee drinkers? Gift them our Smith Tea Matcha Set or our Smith Tea Holiday Collection. These beautiful sets are the perfect gift to someone watching their caffeine intake in the new year.  


Merchandise: For the Lucky Goat Stan 

For the person in your life that simply loves Lucky Goat, grab them some useful merchandise. Our personal favorites this year are the Baggu Duck Tote Bag, the Created & Co Cold Cup, and the Crewneck Sweatshirt 

Need a quick stocking stuffer? We love our Sticker Pack and Vintage Key Chains! 


No matter who you're buying for, Lucky Goat has the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season. Our baristas and customer service team are happy to make a recommendation if you're not finding what you need!

December 12, 2023