Our Story

It started with a simple idea: Make great coffee.

Everything we do is rooted in that basic concept. It’s what drives us. It’s what moves us, motivates us and keeps us excited about our products, our services and all we do in the community. We are coffee passionate.

When Lucky Goat began roasting coffee in 2010, our intent was to provide top-quality wholesale beans for other cafés. But once people began coming to us for coffee to brew on their own, we knew it was time to expand. A bigger warehouse and welcoming storefront allowed us to not only make great coffee for our customers, but also teach them how to brew it best themselves. Now, with many locations in the Southeast, we can share our passion with more people.


An Approachable Experience

Cappuccino or just plain coffee? By-the-cup single-origin or cold brew? Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, new to the coffee-drinking experience or somewhere in between, we want everyone to find something they love. Expertly crafted coffee doesn’t have to feel exclusive.

Our staff is eager to make recommendations and explain the tools of the trade. We also provide tours and classes to further your coffee knowledge and help you brew the perfect cup at home. Stop in to sample our coffee of the day or our featured flavor.

Lucky Goat Cafe Barista

The Legend Behind the Name

Legend has it that a herdsman named Kaldi noticed his goats had an extra spring in their step after eating the wild berries that grew near their feeding grounds. Curious, Kaldi tried the berries himself and experienced the same euphoria. The seeds of those berries are the coffee “bean” — which is why we can thank those lucky goats for the delicious drink we have today.

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