At Lucky Goat, education is one of our top priorities.

You've seen our vision to Make Great Coffee. What you may not have heard yet is our secondary goal - to encourage an approachable experience for everyone that enters our cafes. While coffee is something most of us grew up around, and may even drink every day, it is an ever-changing and nuanced industry that can be hard to keep up with when you don't dedicate a career to it. The classes and tastings our Coffee Educator leads attempt to fill in those gaps for you, making everything from extraction to green coffee processing an approachable topic for you to learn more about.

Catered to your specific interests in coffee, our Coffee Educator will present classes on:

-Green Coffee

-Production Brewing and Extraction

-Latte Art

-Tastings of our Single Origin Offerings

We hope that learning more about coffee is as much fun for you as it is for us and brings more joy to your morning cup!

These classes and tastings will be offered with limited timeslots so please reach out to us to set up your next class.