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Imagine this. It’s 7:00 AM and you’ve just woken up to the chirping of your seemingly eager alarm. You rub your eyes and adjust to the low-light fluttering through your east window as you get to your feet. Stumbling a bit before you get up doesn’t quite surprise you since no one’s that coordinated so early. You make breakfast, grab your things, and take a minute to stare at your coffee pot. You crack a smile and walk right past it. You arrive at your place of work, you’re greeted by a barista whom you entrust with your order, and you find a seat at your desk. A moment later, that barista wanders in with a trail of steam following the mug in their hands. Finally, they place it down and you begin your day.

Working at a coffee shop can be quite lovely. There’s plenty of work that needs to be done here, and we’re looking for individuals with the passion and skill to see that work through.

Below you can find our current listing of open positions and how to apply!