Autoship Coffee Subscriptions

Enjoy the convenience of automatic coffee shipments at your prefered frequency and quantity.

Lucky Goat Autoship Subscription

Autoship Subscriptions

1. Choose your coffee

2. Choose your style and size

3. Choose your frequency


Mix and match any of your favorite coffees. Add as many to your cart as you would like, and we'll combine them into one autoshipment.

Want multiple shipments? No problem! Set your coffees to different frequencies to receive multiple automatic shipments.

Customize your needs

Coffee subscriptions for individuals and for businesses

Create your custom autoshipment for you, family, work, or school. Choose your size, grind, and frequency to fit your needs.

Autoship Subscription FAQ

How does it work?

Our autoship program is simple:

Step 1: Search around our site for your favorite coffees. Choose 1, 2, 3, or 10!

Step 2: Choose your grind setting or whole bean.

Step 3: Choose your bag size.

Step 4: Select the "Autoship subscription" button above "Add to cart" and then select your preferred frequency.

Checkout and we'll handle the rest! Your first shipment is sent out right away, and then subsequent shipments will be sent right away.

What coffees can be autoshiped?

Any of our standard house and signature coffees can be autoshipped.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer autoship or subscriptions for our seasonal blends and single origins at this time.

Can I skip a shipment, pause, or change the frequency?

Yes, you can pause or skip a shipment at any time. To change settings that aren't listing within your account, contact us.

Visit My account > See my subscriptions to make edits, pause, or cancel.

Why is my coupon not working?

Coupons, discounts, and promotions do not apply to autoship subscriptions.

Do you charge shipping?

Yes. Shipping rates are billed at our standard rates. You are charged shipping one time per shipment. Ie: If you have 4 different products on autoship set to two different frequencies, each of the 2 autoshipments will be billed one time each for shipping.

When will my subscription ship?

Your first shipment will be sent within 48 hours of your initial order, usually sooner. Subsequent shipments will be sent at the frequency you choose from the date of your initial order.

Can I subscribe to multiple coffees?

Absolutely! Add as many autoshipments to your order as you would like.

Can I set different frequencies for my autoshipments?

You sure can! Simply add any coffees to your cart at your preferred frequency, and we'll bundle together any of the matching shipment dates.

How do I view or edit my subscription?

Visit My Account to view, edit, or cancel any time. Here, you can adjust any settings or payment methods.

View my account

How do I cancel?

Of course! Cancel in one-click any time from your account.

View my account

Can I order a subscription as a gift?

Absolutely! Simply set your subscription to the receipients delivery address and we'll handle the rest. You can edit the email address and notifications as well.

Why don't I see autoship on my favorite coffee?

Unfortunately, all great things do not last. Seasonal coffees and single origins are not available for autoship at this time.