What Is Medium Roast Coffee?

Medium roasts are the most common type of coffee roast in America, yet don't often receive the same acclaim as light or dark roasts do. Which is a shame! 

Medium roast coffees are sweeter than light roast coffees, less bitter than dark roasts and with body and an acidity that is balanced between the two.

Medium Roast Flavor & Tasting Notes

A perfect medium roast provides the best of both worlds. It gives the distinct and exciting natural flavors of the bean a chance to shine, while still providing a powerful punch of the traditional and commonly expected “coffee” flavors. 

Common flavors and tasting notes include: sweet cream, oatmeal, brown sugar, caramel, berries, almonds, and apples. 

How To Brew Medium Roast Coffee

Easily the most versatile choice, medium roast coffees are the perfect choice for the pour over method and drip coffee machines. 

You really can't go wrong here...just be sure to use the proper grind level and water temperature for whatever method you end up choosing. 

Medium Roast vs Light Roast

If you’re looking for a more balanced cup of coffee, go for a medium roast. You’ll still find fruit notes, with a little bit of nuttiness and essence of baking spices. Expect a more balanced, rounded flavor and more body in the cup. Medium roasts are extremely versatile to brew but can lack the dynamic flavors of a light roast.

Medium Roast vs Dark Roast

Dark roast is a specialty coffee variety that is roasted for a longer time than other coffees, resulting in a darker bean color and an oily surface. Flavors tend to be rich and chocolatey, with notes of caramel, maple syrup and nuts. Which is better is purely a personal preference but go with medium roast if you dislike bitter flavors. 

Medium Roast Coffee FAQs

Does Medium Roast Coffee Have Much Caffeine?

The internet is a misleading place and it sure gets a lot wrong when talking about the caffeine levels in coffee. The honest truth is that caffeine levels are not impacted much by the type of roast, and medium roast coffees have just as much (or little) as any other type. To be clear, the roast process does have a very small impact on the caffeine levels on a per volume basis, but it is so small that it doesn't matter. 

Is Medium Roast Coffee High or Low Acid?

As the name medium suggests, they are right in the middle of the road in terms of perceived acid level. 

What Foods Pair Best With Medium Roast Coffee?

Medium roasts are often considered the best breakfast style coffees. They pair well with sweet options like pastries or pancakes and also savory choices like quiche or biscuits and gravy. 

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