To all of our hard-core coffee purists that believe flavored coffees are an affront to all the things you treasure and love about your favorite drink...we see you. We respect you. We value you. Never fear, we’ll continue to consistently strive to source excellent single origins that we know you'll love.

While we have great respect for a coffee purist, there is something to be said about a flavorful brew! You may just reconsider your stance (please!) once you learn about how we craft our custom flavored coffee blends

Before we begin though, we should make it clear that we can only speak only for ourselves when it comes to how flavored coffee beans take on their delightful transformation. 

There are other coffee roasters that make flavored blends using products and processes that don't necessarily align with the way we do things here at Lucky Goat. 

We follow a process that results in a pleasant flavor that compliments the coffee rather than dominating it.

With that out of the way, let's get started!

How Flavor Is Added To Beans

Ready to have your mind blown? We don't actually flavor the beans at all! 

Huh? How can that be? 

Our beans are coated with aromatic oils instead of flavoring agents. The aromas trick our senses into tasting sweet and delicious notes, but they only actually exist in our noses. 

The aromatic oils we use come in a wide range of scent profiles such as hazelnut, vanilla, and cinnamon. All the oils used are vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, and allergen-free. 

How Our Flavored Blends Are Made

It may also surprise you to know that we only apply the aromatic oils to just a tiny fraction of the beans in each bag. We call these heavily scented beans Power Beans and they pack a mighty punch of aroma! 

We start with one of our premium roast blends and then combine various different flavors of power beans to create our blends. The exact flavor combinations and ratio of power beans to regular beans is our little secret.

To ensure consistency from one bag to the next, we put each batch through a rigorous quality control process. No bean too strong, nor flavor too weak, will be allowed to reach our customers' cups. 

Where To Buy Lucky Goat Flavored Coffees

Our portfolio of flavored blends is broken down as follows:

12 Flavors of the Month: In our cafes, we rotate a new flavor each month. You can enjoy it freshly brewed in the cafe and we also sell the beans by the bag. Each flavor is only available for one month before it is rotated for a new flavor.

(Hint: You can find all 12 flavors of the month for sale on our website all year long!)

2 Year Round Classics: We stock our two best selling flavors, Goat Tracks and Southern Pecan in 12 oz retail bags year round in all of our cafes.

flavored coffees made by lucky goat

Seasonal Fan Favorites: Our two most anticipated releases each year are undoubtedly our Fall release of Pumpkin Spice, and our holiday season release of Snowflake Crunch. Unlike all of our other flavors, these are available for only a limited amount of time each year. So be sure to get them before they’re gone!

Wholesale: Did you know that you can develop your own custom flavor for your restaurant, cafe or fundraiser? You just might create the best blend we’ve had the pleasure of whipping up yet!  Or, you could put yourself in the running for world's best boss by customizing a flavor only available only in your office break room!

Learn More: Custom Wholesale Flavored Coffee

Is Flavored Coffee Bad For My Grinder?

Yes. For that reason, in our cafes, all retail bags of flavored coffee are sold ground for drip, to protect your grinder from the residue of aromatic oils. To order the flavored coffee whole bean or ground for a different brewing method, please use our website.

Does Flavored Coffee Have Calories?

Because our coffees are only coated with aroma oils rather than sugars or flavoring agents, they’re a healthy low-calorie choice.

Final Thoughts

We enjoyed sharing our passion for developing world-class flavored coffee blends and we hope you learned a thing or two. 

If you'd like to try any of our coffees, stop by one of our cafes or shop our coffees online

November 16, 2022