Here at Lucky Goat Coffee, we thought what better way to start the new year than with a new coffee launch.  After traveling all the way from Central America, we would like to formally introduce you to our newest single origin coffee, the Costa Rica Perla Negra.

This coffee comes to us from the Las Lajas Farm and Micromill in the Central Valley of the Alajuela region of Costa Rica, where the coffee was grown, harvested, and processed. Their status as a micromill means they control the entire lifespan of their green coffee production—from planning at inception to processing and drying their lots of cherries.  

Map of the Alejuela Region of Costa Rica

 The Costa Rica Perla Negra was awarded the grade of a microlot, which Café Imports describes as “Best in Show” coffees; those coffees that have craft, innovation, and quality as the focus of their production and are only available in limited amounts. That being said, make sure to grab this coffee while you can!

Harvested in January-March of 2020 and composed of a commonly found mixture of caturra and catuai plant varietals, this coffee was grown at an elevation of 1,450-1,600 meters above sea level. After harvest, the coffee cherries underwent a Perla Negra (hence the name) Natural Process, a unique and innovative method of green coffee production developed by the Las Lajas Micromill. Without removing the fruit, coffee cherries are dried directly in the sun under constant rotation for 10 days, then transferred to bags for 2-3 days, and finally moved to raised beds to complete the drying process. Once roasted and cupped here at Lucky Goat Coffee, we noticed a well-rounded and balanced cup, with notes of lemon, toffee, and cinnamon, and a caramel aroma.  


Perla Negra Two Ways!

You can use several brew methods with this new coffee, but its light acidity and sweetness are best tasted using medium ground coffee, a scale, kettle, and your favorite pour over method. If you’d rather a quick and simple pot of coffee to serve to your friends, then all you need is a coffee pot.

Here are the recipes we recommend for the perfect cup:

For the coffee epicure, a single-cup Pourigami:

The Setup:
1. Heat filtered water in a kettle to 200-206°F
2. Set up your pourigami on a mug, add a filter, and place onto a scale
3. Wet your filter, dump the excess water, and add 15g of ground coffee.

The Bloom:
1. Add a small amount of water (we used 45g) to bloom the coffee.
2. Let your coffee release its air bubbles for 30-45 seconds until it’s finished degassing. This will ensure the rest of your pour over happens with a nice and even extraction.

The Pour:
1. Add 70g of water in a smooth, circular motion until reaching 115g on your scale.
2. Wait 30-45 seconds for the coffee to drain and add another 70g of water. Your scale should now read 185g.
3. Once your coffee has drained a bit more, add your last pulse of water until the scale reads 255g. Let the coffee drain completely and enjoy!

Don’t have a Pourigami but need to keep up with your New Year’s resolution of becoming a coffee connoisseur? Visit any of our cafes to get one today. The MiiR Pourigami is the world’s smallest, most durable and portable travel coffee dripper so you can finally enjoy great coffee anywhere. If 2022 is going to be an on-the-go year for you, this is the brew method partner for you.

For a quick drip-style coffee pot:
1. Add 2 scoops (of 2 tablespoons each) of medium ground coffee for each cup you’re brewing.
2. Make sure to use filtered water, and you are minutes away from hassle free caffeine.
3. Serve and watch your guests be impressed.

 You know what they say about a caffeinated crowd? Guess you’ll have to find out  :)

Lastly, just in case you were a little worried… need not fret. Not to be mistaken with the nigh uncatchable Black Pearl of the Caribbean, the Costa Rica Perla Negra is not cursed. But who’s to say that you may not discover treasure after drinking a cup?

Until next time,
Lucky Goat Coffee Co.

January 12, 2022