Nitrogen-Infused Cold Brew Coffee is Back on Tap in FL and GA Coffee Shops

If you’ve been in our Georgia or Florida Coffee Shops recently, you may have seen a change to our Cold Brew. Our long-time customers will know that our Cold Brew has always been served out of a nitrogenated kegerator. With ever changing technology, we were able to make this product even more consistent for you. New nitrogen infusers in each of our cafes mean that you can have your Cold Gold or favorite flavor served with a creamy and cascading nitro infusion! 

With all the information out there, you may be asking yourself, “So what is nitro Cold Brew anyway? Does it have more caffeine? Should you add cream and sugar to it?” We’ve got the answers for you! 


Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee 

To understand nitro Cold Brew, we first must understand the Cold Brew process. In this relatively new and unique way to make coffee, coarse grinds are steeped in room temperature water for 12-24 hours to make a concentrate. The coffee is strained out  then diluted with water and produces a low acidity, alternative method of extraction to iced coffee. Iced coffee, on the other hand, is always brewed with hot water. Once brewed, it is chilled either rapidly or slowly. With a completely different method of extraction, this results in a smooth, slightly sweeter cup of coffee than an iced coffee preparation. 


What is Nitro Cold Brew?  

Nitro Cold Brew involves simply infusing the coffee with nitrogen gas. You can think of this process as similar to that of carbonating drinks, except that carbon dioxide produces large bubbles that create that sparkling feeling on our palate. The smaller, less soluble bubbles of nitrogen create a smooth, velvety texture for our palates and cascade up the drink as they fall out of solution with the coffee. The result is a creamy Cold Brew product with a foamy nitrogen head.  

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee 16 oz Draft 

Is There More Caffeine In Nitro? 

In short, it depends! Levels of caffeine in nitro Cold Brew have nothing to do with the nitrogen infusion, but the concentration of the coffee itself. Many coffee businesses choose to serve their nitro cold brew using a coffee that has been steeped to be more concentrated. Remember that when Cold Brew is originally made, it brews as a concentrate, and is diluted with water to taste. Serving it as a stronger, less diluted product when it is infused with nitrogen, will of course lend a higher concentration of caffeine. At Lucky Goat, however, we serve our nitro Cold Brew with a standard level of caffeine. If you brew cold brew coffee at home, check out our Cold Brew 101 Guide for tips!


Do I Need to Add Cream and Sugar? 

This is a personal preference! You may find that you don’t even need it as it adds a smooth and creamy texture to any of our Cold Brew drinks—whether you’re a fan of drinking it black, adding a shot (such as in our Goat Bomb and Lucky Bomb), or drinking it with sweetened vanilla cream, such as in a Luckyccino. A splash of cream and a little sweetness is always a welcomed treat! 


New Infusion System: Creamy Nitro Cascade  

So, what has changed about our Cold Brew? It’s always been served on a nitrogen tap and infused with nitro, but with changing volumes in our kegs and slight adjustments to our systems, our nitrogen infusion wasn’t as efficient as it had once been. With ever-evolving technology, we’ve been able to invest in new nitrogen infusers for our kegerators, and it’s made all the difference. You’ll once again see that cascading effect and creamy texture that you know and love. Come by the cafes to try our new and improved Nitro Cold Brew—velvety smooth and rich in flavor—in any of your favorite Cold Brew drinks! 

Draft Nitro Cold Brew in Cafes
Visit a Lucky Goat location to try our new and improved Nitro Cold Brew Coffee on tap. Or, if you're brewing at home, check out our Cold Brew Grinds.
May 18, 2023