Welcome Summer! With the longest day of sunshine under our belt, we can now officially embrace the summer season. With long evenings of dusk, warm temperatures, and plenty of activities on the calendar, this is the season for trying new things and finding ways to beat the heat. We have some front runners for our seasonal favorites this summer—a mix of annual returners and surprising new hot weather essentials. Grab your favorite iced beverage and settle in for Our Summer Favorites! 

The Flavors of Summer 

Our seasonal warm weather flavors have once again made their way onto our retail shelves and into our online catalog. These flavors reminiscent of tropical vacations and hot days at the beach are perfect to bring to your next summer vacation or serve up at home to pine for the perfect summer getaway during your work week.  

Hawaiian Hazelnut has tasting notes of hazelnut and coconut and is not only available as a bagged coffee on our café shelves but can also be enjoyed as our hot and cold flavor of the day.  

Our online exclusive summer flavored favorites are Hawaiian Island, with notes of coffee liqueur, vanilla, coconut, and caramel, Jamaican Island, with notes of coffee liqueur, vanilla, and caramel, and Tropical Vanilla, with notes of coconut and French vanilla.  

Lucky Goat Summer Favorites Flavored Coffee

Cold Brew Grinds—Beat the Heat with Cold Brew at Home 

If you’re not a fan of flavored coffees but want something new and refreshing for the summer months ahead, try your hand at brewing cold brew at home with our Cold Brew Grinds! Our Sunrise Brew Cold Brew Grinds are the summer favorite for their light and refreshing profile. Our Goat Tracks Cold Brew Grinds are the perfect option to make your favorite flavor into a cool and refreshing coffee. Our Roaster’s Choice Cold Brew Grinds are a darker roasted alternative for a cold treat. Learn more about brewing your own cold brew at home with our guide here  

Cold Brew Grinds Lucky Goat Summer Favorites

Light and Fruity Single Origins 

A balanced and vibrant single origin is the perfect summer treat. We like brewing these over ice for the warmer months and enjoy the fruitier, lighter ones for our daily cup of coffee in the summer. Our Ethiopia Wush Wush, with notes of strawberry ice cream, white sangria, and nougat is the perfect choice for something unique and special. For an everyday refreshing coffee, we reach for our Costa Rica Cerro Azul, with tasting notes of apricot, malted milk chocolate, and cinnamon. Learn more about how to brew these coffees at home with our guide here. 

Summer Favorites Costa Rica Cerro Azul Single Origin Lucky Goat Coffee

The summertime in Florida can get overwhelming—the heat and endless list of activities make it hard to stay grounded, but we hope this list of summer favorites is just what you need to make it your coolest summer yet! 

June 18, 2024