We are thrilled to announce that Lucky Goat Coffee has launched a Franchising Program!  

With a continued desire to expand our brand outside of the Tallahassee market, we feel franchising is the next step on our journey to accomplish this. We want to share our experience and success with people who understand and have a passion for our brand, craft coffee and our culture. 

Since Lucky Goat’s founding 13 years ago, we have been fortunate to build an extremely loyal following and strong demand for Lucky Goat Coffee. Many of our devoted customers have inquired over the years about the possibility of owning their own Lucky Goat Coffee franchise, but the timing was not right.   

Where many franchise companies have lost their way by launching into franchising too early before perfecting their systems, not properly selecting candidates, or trying to sell as many franchises as they can, this is NOT our strategy at Lucky Goat Coffee Company. We do not intend to sell a franchise to just anyone, nor is "quantity" our goal. Rather, we intend to focus on quality over quantity and meticulously select a limited number of partners to embark on this journey with us. These franchise cafes will be owned by carefully selected partners and regulated carefully by Lucky Goat with very close guidance and attention to detail.  

We know our best and most successful franchisees will come from our existing customer base because they will have a passion for our brand, craft coffee and our culture. Just like our craft coffee, we want to focus on quality over quantity. We are seeking Lucky Goat customers who have a passion for our brand, craft coffee and our culture who are committed to taking care of their staff, providing our customers exceptional service, and are 100% committed to following our proven systems. 

According to a new economic impact report commissioned by the U.S. National Coffee Association (NCA), the total economic impact of the coffee industry in the United States in 2022 was $343.2 billion, representing a notable 52.4% increase from the 2015 study. Consumers in the United States spent nearly $110 billion on coffee and related goods in 2022, which breaks down to approximately $301 million per day. The coffee industry is responsible for more than 2.2 million U.S. jobs and generates more than $100 billion in wages. The next decade holds a bright outlook on the rapid increase in demand for all coffee, including Specialty Craft Coffee.  

Lucky Goat has positioned itself in the North Florida market as a leader in Specialty Coffee through its innovation and commitment to ‘Make Great Coffee’. We intend to continue investing heavily in our infrastructure to support our own stores as well as future Franchise locations through the expansion of Roasting, Manufacturing, Production, and Distribution of our Coffee.  

We invite you to join us on this exciting new chapter in the Lucky Goat story. Visit our website luckygoatfranchise.com or call our Franchising Department at 850-756-1884 to learn more about our franchise opportunity and hopefully join our franchise family! 

For all our loyal customers, this is a step forward for Lucky Goat that will allow us to continue to innovate and deliver the top-quality products that we have had for over a decade. We intend to continue delivering this exceptional coffee and service in all locations, as well as online. Our commitment to “Making Great Coffee” remains unwavering as we strive to provide exceptional coffee experiences for our people, customers, and community.  

Learn More: luckygoatfranchise.com

November 14, 2023