Dan Watkins

Born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida, Dan is a big fan of the specialty coffee industry, local community, and loves process development. Having watched Lucky Goat grow from its roots and consuming our great coffee over the years, he couldn't resist getting involved in 2021. Now as the owner of Lucky Goat, his passion for our company grows as he oversees strategic growth, business development, and our financial strategies.

Dan fell in love with coffee years ago, and it’s been a head-over-heels story since then. He is partial to natural processed single origins, and usually reaches toward an African or Costa Rican coffee. If you catch Dan on a day off, you might find him outside mountain biking, relaxing with his wife, Rhonda, and their dogs, or finding ways to enjoy food—whether that’s cooking at home, or eating at a local restaurant.

Coffee Confession:

I disliked coffee until I was about 20 years old

Fun Fact:

I used to play tournament paintball

Person I'd most like to have coffee with:

Warren Buffett

Hidden Talent:

I'm a pretty darn good cook!