Danielle Sepper

Administrative Assistant

Hardworking, focused, and kind are some of the best words to describe Danielle. Beginning as a Barback in 2018, she soon made her way to Barista, then Café Leader, and now Administrative Assistant where her degrees in HR and Finance play a much bigger role. She also helps with our online customer service team, so you may hear from her if you ever need to reach out for support!

Originally from Sarasota, Danielle moved to Tallahassee for school at Florida State University where she eventually worked as a Director of Initial Eligibility and Admission. After that, she was a wedding coordinator for Sweet Tea Events before joining the Lucky Goat team.

When she’s not at work, she can be found with her husband Ryan and their dog. They love to play board games, run in races, or plan their next adventure. So far, they have been to 16 countries together!

  • Average number of cups consumed per day/week:

    I usually have a cup every morning.

  • Thoughts on coffee:

    I love coffee. I prefer bold coffee with chocolatey flavor notes.

  • Fun fact:

    I have run the Chicago Marathon.

  • Person you would most like to have coffee with:

    My husband Ryan. We have gotten into the habit of walking our dog to midtown on Sundays for a cup of coffee, then heading home to enjoy it on our back porch.