Lucky Goat Area Cafe Manager Irina Darzi
Director of Cafe Operations

Irina Darzi

For the last seven years, you could have found Irina growing her career in the food industry working her way from food-runner all the way the to Food & Beverage Director. Her expertise and knowledge resonates with everyone she meets. Monday - Friday you never know where you may see Irina at Lucky Goat Coffee. Overseeing all 5 cafes in Tallahassee, she is a little busy to say the least.

When Irina isn't running cafe operations, you will most likely find her spending time with her husband and two children, Michael and Alice. If she isn't at the beach or hiking, there is a good chance she is listening to Beyonce while practicing karate.

How I Take My Coffee:

Just Milk

The Person You Would Most Like To Have Coffee With:

My Mom

Favorite Coffee:

Oatmilk Cappuccino 

Average Number of Cups Consumed Per Day/Week:

At Least One Per Day