senior graphic designer

Katie McArthur

Katie claims she was born with a passion for creativity and intentional design. After graduating from Florida State University with a degree in Advertising & Media Communications, dabbling in a few different industries doing design work, and gaining ample coffee shop experience, she joined the Lucky Goat team in July of 2021 as our first official graphic designer.

Over the years she has put her touch on all things Lucky Goat branding and now has a primary focus in our Wholesale, Production, and Franchising departments. While each day is full of new projects, seeing her designs come to life and being able to brainstorm with every department is always the highlight of her week.

When she’s not crafting coffee labels and updating product catalogs, you’ll most likely find Katie walking around Cascades, snuggled up with a book in hand, planning a gallery wall, or on the tennis/pickleball court.

Coffee Confession:

I didn't start drinking coffee until I worked at Lucky Goat.

Hidden talent:

Playing the ukulele

Known For:

Sliding "Wake Up Your Luck" into every conversation

Theme Song:

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes - Jimmy Buffett