Katie McArthur Lucky Goat Headshot
graphic designer

Katie McArthur

Before joining the Lucky Goat Coffee team, Katie decided to turn her passion for graphic design and coffee into a reality. Graduating from Florida State University with a degree in Media Communication Studies, Katie has the perfect blend of creativity and customer shopping knowledge to masterfully craft everything from web banners to emails to the retail signs that adorn our cafe shelves.

Seeing her creations come to life may be her favorite part about working at Lucky Goat Coffee, but when she isn't waving her magic design wand Katie does have fun in her own way.

Playing the ukulele, hiking, giving top-secret Doak After Dark tours of the FSU stadium, the list goes on and on for what you may find Katie doing once her computer turns off.

Coffee confession:

I didn't start drinking coffee until I worked at Lucky Goat Coffee

Hidden talent:

Doing the worm

The moment you knew you loved coffee:

When I realized how productive it made me

Your theme song:

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes - Jimmy Buffett