Kelly Schmid

Production Supervisor

Meet Kelly. The glue that holds our production department together! Graduating from FSU, Kelly found her way back to Tallahassee 10 years later after being in St. Petersburg, FL. With a background of over 14 years working in Distribution, you could say she’s a professional in getting things done. After hearing how much her friend loved working for Lucky Goat, as luck would have it a position opened up for her to join our crew, and the rest is history. Kelly now oversees all aspects of our production – from packaging our coffee to cold brew creation, purchasing, and shipments.

Before Lucky Goat she was not an avid coffee drinker, but Kelly now has up to 2 cups a day! Her go-to order is an iced mocha with 4 shots of espresso.

Outside of work, Kelly enjoys reading and hanging out with her friends as well as her 5-year-old twins! She has a brain full of 80’s and 90’s era music and trivia knowledge and may or may not have seen New Kids on the Block 5 times in concert! 

  • Motivated by:

    Feeling accomplished.

  • Hobby:


  • Coffee confession:

    I don't like hot coffee.

  • Known for:

    I am happy and smiling 99% of the time.