Kevin Buster

Meet our seasoned coffee connoisseur, Kevin, who brings a rich blend of experience and passion to Lucky Goat Coffee. Joining the team in 2020, Kevin embarked on his coffee journey in Nashville, where he began his craft as a roaster before following his wife back to Tallahassee. Drawn to the coffee world for its flexibility and camaraderie, Kevin thrives on the daily grind of roasting beans and ensuring a steady supply of green coffee.

Away from the coffee roaster, he finds solace in music, reading, and home improvement projects. Originally from a farm in Kansas, Kevin finds comfort in the warmth of a cup of coffee, considering it the best vice, especially recalling their first all-nighter in college. When not immersed in coffee culture, Kevin, also known as Buster, showcases his musical talents in his home studio.

Favorite Coffee:

Depends on the season. I love a natural Ethiopian but hard to beat a washed Central American. 

Coffee Confession:

I love gas station coffee

Person You Would Like To Have Coffee With:

Orson Welles

Theme Song:

Soul Cake - Sting