Kyle Jordan Lucky Goat Coffee
vice president of operations

Kyle Jordan

Kyle serendipitously joined the Lucky Goat team in March of 2023 after moving to Tallahassee to be close to his wife’s family. He came from Dallas, Texas with over a decade of experience in the world of craft beer and spirits, specifically in sales, operations, and distribution roles. His talents translate extraordinarily well to the specialty coffee industry and our needs as a growing company. As the Vice President of Operations, Kyle oversees production, wholesale, and distribution to make sure we are constantly improving processes and working as a cohesive team.

Kyle grew an appreciation for specialty coffee during his ten years in New York City. After years spent in rural Texas, his taste for high quality coffee developed into a sophisticated palate, and he spends plenty of time cupping to develop it further. When he’s not working with our production teams, you can find Kyle outside with his wife and their two dogs, running, landscaping, playing guitar, cooking, or listening to live music somewhere.

Known For:

Tangents and stories

Motivated By:

Helping others strive to be their best

Person you would most like to have coffee with:

Tom Waits

Your Theme Song:

Sleeping Lessons – The Shins