Branding Associate

Olajide Oke

Olajide stepped into the world of Lucky Goat in May 2024, before joining the team she served as the Preschool Ministry Director at local church. Embracing the transition to the coffee world with enthusiasm, Olajide now dedicates her days to enhancing customer experiences and managing retail operations. She finds immense joy in directly impacting her community while fostering relationships with customers.

Outside of work, Olajide indulges in reading, painting, and globetrotting adventures with friends. Hailing from Tallahassee, coffee holds a special place in her heart, with a penchant for Goat Bombs and lavender lattes. Her love for coffee blossomed with a simple whiff, and she has been hooked ever since. When not caffeinating, Olajide enjoys going to the park, bookstores, or attending a concert. Or you may find her simply being at home for a movie night.

Fun Fact:

I am conversational in English, Spanish, and Yoruba.

Coffee Confession:

As much as I love coffee, I also love a good matcha.

Person you would most like to have coffee with:

I would love to have coffee with my mom. She is currently not a coffee drinker but I am working on getting her to be. So I’d love to watch her experiment and figure out how she likes her coffee.

Your theme song:

Dancing Queen - ABBA