Sean Christensen Headshot Lucky Goat
Service Supervisor

Sean Christensen

Whether it be a broken espresso machine, a clogged kegerator, or a temperamental ice machine, Sean is the man for the job. Since 2021, Sean has kept Lucky Goat (and our wholesale clients) running in tip-top shape. Sean grew up just 30 miles away from Tallahassee in Shell Point Beach, Florida. After spending 11 years in the medical field, it was time for a change. He was introduced to Lucky Goat on a phone call with a friend and the rest is history!

In the service department, no day is exactly the same. One day, Sean could be sitting in the office knocking out invoices and the next he may be over in Ft. Walton servicing an espresso machine. The day to day of making sure the service department is running smoothly motivates Sean’s desire of being the best that he can be.

When Sean isn’t on the clock, you can find him fishing, playing volleyball, grilling out with his family, and working on his property on the weekends. His five-year goal is to have a working farm with cows, pigs, chickens, and a big garden. Next time you’re in a Lucky Goat Café, you may see him up on a ladder, down in a refrigerator, or just enjoying a cup of Ethiopia ARDI.

Motivated by:

My desire to be the best that I can be

Person you would most like to have coffee with:

My Grandfather

Coffee Confession:

I enjoy a cup of coffee with oat milk and sugar every now and then

Theme Song:

Start Over - Flame