We’re going greener! After such a success with the launch of our recycling containers a few years back, we wanted to take a few more steps to help our dear friend mother nature. Here at Lucky Goat, we are constantly growing and learning new ways to become more sustainable. This Spring, we are very excited to announce the launch of our most recent green initiative, our Coffee Bag Recycling Program.

In partnership with Savor Brands, we have a recent addition to our disposable lineup. In each of our cafés, you will find the new Reprocess and Repurpose boxes. These boxes are specifically made for recycling our new coffee bags. When looking into our newly-designed coffee bags, we kept their recycling capabilities at the forefront of our decision. Now, through the use of our R+R Boxes, we can turn that vision into reality.

To give you a glimpse inside our recycling program, we’ll take you through the process. In each of our cafés, the boxes we’ve put out will serve as a hub for all of your empty Lucky Goat Coffee bags. Once full, we seal everything up and ship it back to our friends over at Savor Brands. There, each box is sorted through and prepared for processing through Arqlite, an upcycle innovation company, that converts plastic materials, like our coffee bags, into pellets that can be used as sustainable gravel. To check out more about Savor Brands and their commitment to sustainability, click here.

Lucky Goat will receive new boxes in replacement every time one is shipped out, so the process can begin again! As a reminder, these boxes serve to recycle our coffee bags only, please continue to discard your plastic cups, lids, and straws into our regular recycling containers.

We believe this program can make a huge difference in the way we contribute to the greener side of life. Our Lucky Goat coffee bags will not only serve one purpose of providing coffee but will be revitalized into a sustainable source to help our Planet for years to come. Stay tuned for more updates as we see this project come to life. We are so excited to make these next steps towards a greener Lucky Goat.






May 20, 2021