For the past 2 years, we have been working towards bringing you a NEW COFFEE BAG! As of today, we will be saying farewell to our beloved 16 oz bags of coffee and hello to brand NEW 12 oz bags. We are bringing you the same great taste with a fresh new look!

With the transition to these new bag, we are also introducing new pricing for our bagged coffee.

Blended and Flavored Coffees - New Price: $14.50

Single Origin Coffees - New Price: $16.00

Receive 25% off all bagged coffee in cafe and online until December 31, 2020! If shopping online, you can also receive FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25 using code NEWBAG until December 31, 2020 Midnight EST.


1. Better Closure

Gone are the days of using a tape closure to try and keep the coffee fresh once opened. The new bags feature a zip closure for ultimate ease of use and the best in coffee freshness.

2. New Design

Not only are the new 12oz bags getting a facelift in terms of overall design, these coffee delights will also feature new labels, an interior custom wallpaper and a wide, flat bottom. These new design elements will add a unique touch to each customer experience elevating our coffee game.

3. Roast Date

The customer is going to love this one! On the bottom of the bag, we will no longer have a sticker that highlights the roast date (often confused with a "Best By Date"). Instead, each bag will have a printed roast month and day where we will have the ability to cross through the exact roast date with ease.

4. Brew Instructions 

For the first time in company history, our bags will now feature brew instructions on one of the side panels. This element walks the customer through the ideal brew process to get the perfect cup of coffee each time.

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We hope that you all love the new bags as much as we do! Thank you for you continued support of Lucky Goat Coffee.


October 15, 2020