Across our retail shelves you’ll find a wide range of coffees—some smokey, some sweet, and some bright. A number of our most sought-after coffees (and certainly our best sellers) are coffees we might describe as being low in acidity. Low acid coffees are requested often from our customers, but there are quite a few misconceptions about what “low acid” coffee might be. So, let’s break it down! 

Billy Goat Breakfast Blend, Lucky Goat Coffee Co

Perceivable Acidity

The confusion primarily stems from the lack of division between chemical acidity and perceivable acidity. Regarding chemical acidity, we use a measure called pH to tell us how acidic or basic something is. This measure, otherwise known as the potential of hydrogen, describes the property of a compound to donate hydrogens to another compound in solution. Ranging from 0 to 14, anything below the neutral measure of 7 is considered acidic and is perceivable to us as such. This type of chemical acidity is innate to the compound itself, and at a pH of 5, we can’t escape the fact that coffee is acidic.  

Despite this, many roasters boast a low acid option, including Lucky Goat. This generally refers to a coffee’s level of perceivable acidity. Many consumers don’t like their coffee to taste acidic, being instead used to a more chocolatey, smooth tasting profile. While acids can add balance and brightness to your cup, it’s simply not everyone’s preference.   

Coffee roaster at Lucky Goat Coffee Co.

Chlorogenic Acids

There is a wide range of acids normally present in coffee and they can generally be categorized into organic or chlorogenic acids. Each of these acids add their own types of flavors. In “low acid” coffees like our Billy Goat Breakfast Blend, there are usually lower amounts of acids that taste sour and acids that are perceived with other taste characteristics. For example, acetic acid (very commonly found in coffee) is perceivable as very vinegary—some of the most classic acid tastes we can perceive. Other acids in coffee will taste bitter or astringent in the cup and exist at levels that make it hard for us to detect sourness and acidity.  

Our favorite low acid coffees may taste less sour and be perceived smoother, but they will have the same pH, and generally affect us in similar physiological ways. Overall, acids help balance our coffees, and add brightness and vibrance to the flavor profile. If you are looking for a smooth, more mellow cup, try reaching toward our low (perceivable) acid offerings such as: Dark Lucky 7 Espresso, Mountain Water Decaf, Sunrise Brew Cold Brew Grinds, and all of our flavored offerings! 

June 24, 2024