Branding Associate

Sarah Arcella

Sarah was born and raised in Lighthouse Point, Florida and began her relationship with coffee at the age of 5. Since then, she has only grown her appreciation for the versatile beverage.

Call it coincidence? Sarah stumbled upon the specialty coffee industry after receiving an Advertising degree from Florida State University. Combining her passion for coffee consumption and brain for marketing and design, she was an easy choice to fill our Branding Associate position in September of 2022. Her unique role requires her to wear many hats (some days all at once), but overall she is the magic behind growing our brand through fundraisers, social media, customer service avenues, community involvement, and advertising campaigns which keeps every lovely customer coming back for more.

When Sarah isn’t on the phone with customers, running our social media platforms, or thinking of LG’s next line of retail merchandise items, you can find her watching cooking videos, scouring books for design inspiration, or jamming out during a session at the gym. Next time you’re at a café, you’ll probably bump into her on a coffee run!

How I Take My Coffee:

Cold Brew, extra ice, splash of oat milk, 1 sugar

The Person You Would Most Like To Have Coffee With:

Taylor Swift or Hayley Williams

Fun Fact:

I have severe arachnophobia, but I am the biggest SpiderMan fan I know.


My mom calls me “kid” or “coffee bean” which ironically relates very closely to Lucky Goat.